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Chicagoland Wall Graphics


At Allegra Sign Division, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional custom wall murals and graphics that create a lasting impression on your customers, clients, and guests.

Wall Graphic

Custom vinyl graphics can transform dull hallways, convey important messages, or prominently display your logo at your business’s entrance for effective branding.

Regardless of the purpose, size, or placement you have in mind – be it informative handwashing signs or eye-catching graphics for your break room – our experts can conceptualize, produce, and professionally install the perfect vinyl signs, wall stickers, and graphics tailored to your company’s unique needs.

Whether you have a clear vision or need assistance determining what works best for your business, our dedicated Chicagoland wall graphic advisors can provide top-notch solutions that align with your budget and goals. Let us help make your space more engaging and informative for visitors.

Call Allegra Sign Division at (630) 597-1771 for your Free Consultation with a Chicagoland Wall Graphic expert!

Complete Design Control

At Allegra Sign Division, we specialize in creating bespoke wall graphics tailored to your branding guidelines and commercial space.

Custom Wall Mural

Our skilled sign manufacturers use durable vinyl to craft large-format wall graphics and lettering that effectively convey messages, evoke emotions, or tell compelling stories limited only by your imagination. Whether high-impact landscape murals or precision-cut vinyl wall decals, we’re committed to delivering captivating displays that meet your unique needs.

For easy updates, our removable wall graphics can be effortlessly replaced at any time. This allows you to restore your wall to its pristine state or refresh the design to reflect new products, seasonal changes, or ongoing business promotions. Our customizable solutions ensure your space always aligns with your evolving business objectives and visual aesthetics.

Full-Service Wall Vinyl Company

Your quest for the perfect design ends here! At Allegra Sign Division, our Chicagoland team of seasoned sign and graphic designers is poised to assist you in every step of the creative journey.

Lobby Sign

From generating innovative concepts to crafting layouts and designs that resonate with your vision, we’re dedicated to bringing your ideas to life. We oversee every facet of the sign manufacturing process, offering unwavering support from the initial conceptualization stage to seamless installation within your facility.

For those seeking precise measurements and fit, we even provide on-site evaluations to ensure your vinyl graphics align perfectly with your space. Regarding materials, we exclusively utilize the highest-quality options available, ensuring that your vinyl graphics find their place flawlessly and endure with resilience while exuding an attractive finish. With Allegra Sign Division, you can have absolute confidence that your visual creations will make a lasting impression and continue to shine bright.

Professional Vinyl Graphics Installers

While attempting a DIY installation of vinyl wall graphics is possible, achieving the best results often requires the expertise of a professional.

custom vinyl muralThe weight and intricacy of vinyl sheets can make self-installation challenging, leading to issues like cracks, crinkles, or tears that can diminish the professional appearance of your graphics.

Entrusting Allegra Sign Division with the installation process provides peace of mind. If unforeseen obstacles or damage arise during our professional installation, we will replace your vinyl wall graphics at no additional cost. This assurance contrasts with the potential issues and costs of a DIY installation.

Investing in professionally installed Chicagoland wall graphics with Allegra Sign Division ensures a pristine and polished result, reflecting the high standards of your business.

Free Wall Graphics Consultation

Chicagoland Wall Graphics Allegra Logo MPM and signs R2 300x76At Allegra Sign Division, our dedicated specialists are committed to delivering high-quality custom signage solutions with exceptional customer support. We aim to establish ourselves as your trusted Chicagoland, IL sign company, catering to all your promotional signage needs. With a diverse range of services and products, we offer the perfect ingredients to ensure that your business maintains an exciting, polished appearance, ready to captivate the attention of potential new visitors every day.

We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of options designed to enhance the visibility and appeal of your business. Whether you need eye-catching storefront signs, informative banners, captivating window graphics, or any other signage solutions, our team is dedicated to helping your business make a memorable impression, draw in new customers, and leave a lasting impact.

Call Allegra Sign Division at (630) 597-1771 for your Free Consultation with a Chicagoland Wall Graphic expert!