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Trailer Wraps
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Trailer Wraps


In today’s dynamic business landscape, vehicle wraps have emerged as a cutting-edge trend for effective marketing. While carCustom semi trailer wrap installation wraps and truck wraps are popular choices, top-notch trailer wraps present an opportunity to elevate your brand’s visibility.

These durable wraps offer a unique advantage, especially for industries like delivery services, contractors, and over-the-road transport companies. Providing a spacious canvas to promote your business, instill professionalism, and captivate attention with your brand message, Chicagoland trailer wraps stand out in a world filled with marketing noise. They make a lasting impression on your audience and drive your business forward.

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Trailer Wraps for Semi Trucks

custom semi truck wrap

Semi-trucks play a vital role in our daily lives, traversing the country to deliver goods, and are often stationed at distribution centers. Yet, upon closer inspection, many trailers only display the company name, missing a significant marketing opportunity. Picture a 20-40 feet long canvas for uninterrupted marketing, covering hundreds of thousands of miles in a year.

The best part? You already possess this incredible advertising space; all it takes is seizing the opportunity. With your business model ensuring high visibility, investing in a trailer wrap becomes a truly valuable venture, providing exceptional returns for every penny spent. Transform your trailer into a potent marketing tool that goes the extra mile for your brand.

Trailer Wraps for Box Trailers

custom box truck wrapIf you’re a landscaper, general contractor, or repair specialist who relies on box-style trailers for your business, Allegra Sign Division has the perfect solution for you. We offer high-quality Chicagoland trailer wraps that not only protect your trailer but also serve as powerful brand promotion tools. Our designs are visually appealing and convey professionalism, ensuring that your box trailer stands out and advertises your brand and services effectively, whether it’s on a job site or traveling through town. But we don’t stop at just wrapping your trailer; we can create a cohesive look by designing a matching wrap for your work truck, elevating your brand’s professionalism to the next level.

Large Format Custom Wraps

A custom trailer wrap in large format is an intricate graphic design tailored to envelop a substantial area of the trailer’s surface, effectively converting it into a dynamic mobile advertising platform for businesses or brands. Crafted from top-tier vinyl material, these wraps seamlessly adhere to the trailer, resulting in a captivating and attention-commanding showcase.

Here are some key features of a large format custom wrap for a trailer:

  • Size: These wraps are designed to cover a large area, ranging from a significant portion of the trailer’s surface to a full wrap that completely envelops the trailer. The size can vary depending on the design and the client’s preferences.
  • Custom Design: Each trailer wrap is custom-designed to match the branding, messaging, and aesthetics of the business or brand it represents. This allows for a unique and tailored appearance that aligns with the client’s marketing goals.
  • Graphics and Imagery: Trailer wraps can include a variety of graphics, imagery, and text, including the company logo, product images, contact information, and promotional messages. The goal is to convey the brand’s identity and message effectively.
  • Durability: These wraps are made from durable vinyl material that is resistant to weather, UV rays, and other environmental factors. This ensures that the wrap remains vibrant and eye-catching over an extended period, even when exposed to the elements.
  • Mobile Advertising: One of the primary purposes of a trailer wrap is to serve as a mobile advertising tool. As the trailer travels on the road, it attracts attention from pedestrians and other motorists, effectively promoting the brand and its offerings

By transforming the trailer surface into a versatile mobile advertising canvas, this solution harmonizes bespoke design, resilience, and expert installation, culminating in a potent marketing asset that leaves a lasting imprint on potential customers.

Custom Trailer Lettering

Vinyl LetteringIf you need text for your trailer or vehicles, our skilled graphic designers specialize in creating custom vinyl lettering. This can feature your business name, corporate message, or necessary DOT (Department of Transportation) information for legal compliance. We offer a diverse range of vinyl options, including various finishes, colors, fonts, sizes, and styles to achieve a professional and brand-consistent appearance for all your vehicles. Whether it’s a simple text addition or a more elaborate design, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring a polished and cohesive look.

Cohesive Fleet Vehicle Wraps

We don’t just specialize in trailer graphics; we enhance your entire fleet, irrespective of size or composition. Whether it’s work trucks, cars, vans, trailers, ATV’s, RV’s, boats, or more, our team tailors design to seamlessly fit any vehicle type, make, or model. This ensures a consistently attractive and professional brand image.

Full-Service Trailer Wrap Manufacturers

Trailer Wraps DE1872E9 300x225At Allegra Sign Division, we are your go-to experts for vehicle wraps, offering a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs. Specializing in trailer wrap design, manufacturing, and installation, our team manages every aspect of the process with precision and care.

Beginning with our comprehensive design services, we present you with a preliminary design for your Chicagoland trailer wrap. This preview allows you to make necessary edits, ensuring the final product aligns with your vision. Once you provide your final approval, we seamlessly transition to the manufacturing phase, covering all components required for installation.

Our commitment doesn’t end with manufacturing. Typically, we handle the installation at our facility, taking care of any vehicle preparation needed for a polished and professional finish. Our expertise ensures a seamless installation process, leaving you with a striking and durable vehicle wrap.

But our support doesn’t stop there. Post-installation, we provide ongoing maintenance for your vehicle wrap and address any necessary repairs promptly. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a long-term marketing product that not only promotes your brand but also continues to attract new customers to your business for years to come.

Free Trailer Wrap Consultation

Ready to elevate your business visibility with impactful vehicle and trailer wraps? As your trusted Chicagoland signage company, at Allegra Sign Division, we specialize in crafting attention-grabbing wraps that transform your vehicles into mobile billboards, reaching potential customers on the go.

Take the first step with a free consultation to tailor our wraps to your unique needs. Enhance your marketing strategy and leave a lasting impression on the road with our tailored wraps!

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