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Chicagoland Van Wraps


Investing in high-quality, durable, and stylish Chicagoland van wraps for your fleet is a smart choice when your business relies on sending contractors, delivery personnel, or technicians to client locations for regular work. These wraps not only enhance the professionalism of your vehicles but also provide an extra layer of protection.

At Allegra Sign Division, we offer a range of commercial van wrap solutions designed to suit your specific needs and budget while elevating your brand and ensuring your fleet looks its best. Our offerings include complete commercial van wraps, partial van wraps, magnetic vehicle signs, perforated window privacy film, and durable custom vehicle graphics. Let us assist you in selecting the ideal wraps for your business requirements.

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Increase Client Trust

custom commercial van wrapThe last thing you want is for your customers to feel uneasy when someone from your company arrives in a windowless van. A branded and customized van wrap is the key, to significantly boosting customer confidence.

When your employees show up in a van with your branding proudly displayed, it assures customers that the person at their home or business is a legitimate representative of your company. This sense of assurance contributes to a positive customer experience, resulting in better client testimonials and, ultimately, more business for you.

With Professional Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Investing in professional fleet vehicle wraps can significantly impact your marketing efforts and enhance the overall visibility of your business. These wraps go beyond mere branding; they transform your vehicles into powerful marketing tools on wheels.

Vehicle Wraps

When your commercial fleet vehicles showcase your brand’s logo and messaging, they consistently reinforce your branding with every trip. Think of them as mobile billboards traveling around town, establishing a constant and memorable presence for your business. This serves as a reminder for existing clients and attracts potential customers, signaling that your business is active and ready to meet their needs.

Fleet vehicle wraps are a strategic investment that ensures your brand remains in the spotlight wherever your team goes.

Protective Work Van Wraps

Your business vehicles regularly navigate challenging road conditions, and their significance extends beyond mere valueβ€”they are essential for daily operations. Ensuring their longevity is paramount to maximizing your investment.

work van wrapCustom Chicagoland van wraps play a dual role. Firstly, they project trust and professionalism, indicating a reputable and well-established company to your customers. Secondly, these wraps serve as a protective shield for your work vehicles. Crafted from heavy-duty vinyl, they safeguard your factory paint job from road hazards like dirt, chips, rust, harsh weather, and unexpected dings.

In case your wrap incurs damage, we’re here to promptly address any issues. Our commitment is to keep your vehicles clean, pristine, and professional, ensuring they continue to serve your business efficiently.

Full-Service Van Wrap Manufacturer

Our Chicagoland, IL sign company offers a comprehensive package for commercial van wraps, guiding you through every stage from consultation to installation, maintenance, and potential repair or removal.

custom commercial van wrap

During your free consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and objectives, providing expert recommendations on design and materials. Once we understand your vision, our team will create a draft design for your approval, ensuring it aligns with your expectations.

All wrap components are produced in-house to guarantee quality control. Once ready, we’ll schedule an on-site installation at our sign shop.

After a successful installation, our commitment continues. We’re available for any future needs, whether it’s wrap removal or replacement, adding graphic elements, or updating business information. Your satisfaction and the longevity of your Chicagoland van wrap are our top priorities.

Free Van Wrap Consultation

Chicagoland Van Wraps Allegra Logo MPM and signs R2 300x76If you’re contemplating equipping your commercial fleet vehicles with professional and protective vehicle wraps, we’re here and ready to assist you! Our team is eager and available to meet your needs and discuss how these wraps can benefit your business. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation, and let’s explore the possibilities together.

Call Allegra Sign Division today at (630) 597-1771 for your Free Consultation with a Chicagoland Van Wrap expert!