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Monument Signs
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Chicagoland Monument Signs


Monument signs play a crucial role in creating a memorable first impression, particularly at the entrance of corporate facilities, schools, churches, and other establishments.

custom foam monument sign

These signs are designed to stand independently and are often constructed using durable materials such as stone, marble, brick, concrete, or metal.

At Allegra Sign Division, we take pride in designing unique monument signs that not only display your business name and logo but also provide essential directional information. These signs are strategically crafted to complement your building signage, ensuring a seamless and cohesive experience for visitors upon arrival.

Our high-quality and distinctive Chicagoland monument signs are tailored to your business and brand, helping you stand out prominently in your local community.

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An Impressive Entrance

Monument signs are a versatile and impactful choice for many businesses. Their impressive design ensures they make a lasting impression on passersby, leaving no doubt about your establishment’s presence and professionalism.

custom monument signWhat truly sets monument signs apart is their unique characteristics. They are designed to be unique, eye-catching, and memorable, contributing to a sense of permanence and longevity for your brand.

Unlike other signage types, Chicagoland monument signs are typically placed at eye level, eliminating the need for additional posts or supporting structures. This not only enhances their aesthetic appeal but also significantly boosts their durability. Monument signs boast a longer lifespan by avoiding elements prone to weathering and degradation, making them a wise and enduring investment for your business.

Whether you run a corporate office or a retail store, a monument sign can help you stand out and make a statement in your community.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Multi-tenant monument signs find significant utility in business parks, shopping centers, and multi-building facilities.

Tenant Monument SignThese versatile signs can showcase the names of various businesses within the center, offer a directory of on-site facilities, or serve as an impressive welcome marker for corporate offices and manufacturing plants.

Multi-tenant monument signs offer several benefits for businesses located within the same complex or property:

  • Visibility: These signs enhance the visibility of individual businesses by providing clear and distinct identification. Passersby and visitors can quickly locate and identify each tenant within the complex.
  • Cost-Effective: Sharing a monument sign with multiple tenants can be cost-effective compared to installing separate signs for each business. This shared cost can be particularly beneficial for smaller companies.
  • Professional Appearance: Multi-tenant monument signs give the property a polished and professional appearance. They create a unified and cohesive look for the entire complex, which can be appealing to customers and visitors.
  • Space Efficiency: Since multiple businesses share the same sign, it optimizes available space on the property. This can be especially valuable in situations where space is limited.
  • Wayfinding: These signs often include directional information, helping customers and visitors navigate the property efficiently. This can improve the overall experience for tenants and their clients.
  • Brand Exposure: Being part of a multi-tenant monument sign can increase brand exposure for each tenant. People may become aware of other services or products on the same property as they visit neighboring businesses.
  • Low Maintenance: Maintaining a single monument sign is typically more straightforward than managing multiple individual signs. This can reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

In summary, multi-tenant monument signs offer a cost-effective, space-efficient, and professional solution for businesses sharing a property or complex. They improve visibility, provide clear identification, and enhance the overall appeal of the location, benefiting all tenants involved.

Custom Signs for Every Budget

Custom Monument Sign

Our commitment to crafting custom Chicagoland monument signs tailored to your unique requirements, specifications, and budget sets us apart. We offer various material choices and sizes, ensuring we can design the ideal monument sign for your business.

Whether you aspire for a grand, attention-grabbing sign or prefer a more straightforward and minimalist approach, our expertise, tools, and experience are at your service to bring your vision to life with precision and excellence.

Free Monument Sign Consultation

Chicagoland Monument Signs Allegra Logo MPM and signs R2 300x76Elevate your local presence with our Chicagoland, IL sign company, your trusted source for striking and resilient custom monument signs that exemplify the professionalism and endurance of your brand and business. Our monument signs are powerful markers of your presence, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter them in your community.

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